Monday, 3 November 2014

DIY Arm Knitting - Infinity Scarf

Some time ago, my husband posted a YouTube video to my Facebook timeline.  I took a look at it and thought it was pretty cute and that it looked simple enough even for me to try it.  I put in on my to do list.....and kind of forgot about it.  Since beginning to blog, I have been thinking of some fun and interesting things I could do and blog for you, my readers.  Then, I remembered that video my husband had mentioned.  So I did an internet search to try and find it.

The video was a DIY arm knitting of an infinity scarf!  Since it is starting to get cold around here in Northern Ontario, what perfect project it would be to test out now.  And, heck, maybe even scratch off a few gifts off my Christmas list!  (PS: friends/family, let me know what color you like and you just might get a present under the tree!)

So I begged Hubby to take me (yup, no license still ) to the new Michael's store that just opened up in our city.  I really didn't have to beg, as he does enjoy DIY and crafts too!  They had some good sales on yard which I should have taken advantage of, but since I hadn't done knitting in a long time (I used to do it for a bit when I was a teenager), I didn't know if I would enjoy it again so I only got what I needed for this project.  And, well now that I am done with it, I will definitely be going back to get more!  Let's hope the sale is still on!!  

This is the yarn I happened to choose.  
(Even before finding a video to learn how to do this.)

Now, in order to learn how to do this, I had to watch several different instructional youtube videos.  I even attempted to start the knitting while watching one, but I just couldn't seem to figure out how to get past one point.  So I searched again and came across this youtuber, Audra Kurtz, and her instructional DIY Arm Knitting - 30 mins Infinity Scarf video.  She really got me past my block and I found the way she shows you things, are very easy to follow.  

I attempted on learning this just before going to work, so I didn't take pictures as I went along.  But, the end result I was pretty pleased with.  And, it was fun and super easy to do!  Yes, even YOU can do it!!

Here is my first ever arm knitted infinity scarf!  

It's not too bad, if I do say so myself!!

So, this morning I wanted to see what other neat things I could do, well you know, with the left over yarn that I had.  I checked out Audra's other videos and found instructions on how to finger knit too!  Pretty neat, huh!?  I thought so, so I decided to follow her DIY Finger Knitting - Animal Ears instructional video.  And why not, they are so adorable!!  I know a few little kids that might just enjoy wearing some!  

Based on the color of yarn that I had, I figured some mouse ears would be suited!  

This is how it started.

It didn't take me long at all to catch on to doing this.  It was quick, easy and very fun!!  

This is the partially completed and the completed mouse ears.  Aren't they cute!?!

In doing this for the first time, as in doing everything the first time, you always learn how to do it better the next time.  Next time, I would definitely make the ears smaller as they tended to flop while on my head.  But, besides that, it turned out pretty good.  What's that?  You want to see the picture of the ears on my head?  Really?  Well, OK!!  :)