Monday, 27 October 2014

Halloween treats!

This past weekend we had a sleep over for my 9 year old stepdaughter.  I had been seeing many posts for yummy Halloween treats and was thinking of something fun for the girls to do during the party.  I sent out a sneak peak of what I had decided to do.   And well, the girls (and my stepson) loved it!!

I came across these two yummy edible crafts!!  Marshmallow Monster Treat Pops and Candy Corn Marshmallow People and since I had two bags of marshmallows in my cupboard, I thought it would be a perfect quick activity to make and then the girls could just pig out on them!!  And that, they did!!

So I started preparing and setting up the two treats.

I then called the kids in and gave them instructions.  They were excited!!  They made all different kinds of faces with all different colors for the Monster Pops.  My stepson who is 6 had a knack of eating them as he made them, the little candy monster that he is!!

This is how some of them turned out!  

The Candy Corn people were the most popular of the girls.  This is the first step of dipping them in the orange.

Once the tray was full, we put them in the fridge to set the orange.  The girls went to watch a movie.  Once the orange was set, I ended up dipping them in the yellow myself.  This is how it turned out!

 This front one my stepson made as a multi-eyed monster!

And this is the result of the two treats:

It really was a fun, quick and easy treat for all ages!!  All the sugar kept the girls up til late at night!!  But, hey, it's not an everyday thing and fun was had by all!!

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